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How we're different.

❤️ Curated for you.

We tailor our stories to you and what you like over time. This helps us give you the most interesting news while feeding you the lowest number of stories.

😌 Minimal bias.

Our AI draws from multiple sources to generate a summary of a story for you, minimizing news outlet bias.

⏰ Short and to the point.

All of our stories are under 1 paragraph and include where we got the information. This way, you get the main points quickly and can look into more details if you're interested.

🧐 Checked by humans.

Our AI stories are hand-checked by college-educated humans for factual accuracy. If we don't see enough support to think something is true, we leave it out.

What it's like.

Here's a sample brief for a creator who's content blends finance, tech, and politics.

How it works.

✍️ Tell us about yourself.

You give us a description of yourself and any content you want to be sure we look up. We use this description to match you with the most relevant news Monday - Friday. You'll see your briefs Tuesday - Saturday.

🧑‍💻 We do the research.

Using a combination of human researchers and AI, we scan sources all over the internet and look for the biggest relevant stories. That news gets fact checked, summarized, and multiple sources are cited, so you can go deeper when a topic seems important.

📬 You get an email.

Once our research for the day is done, we send you an email containing the most important news for your business. Tuning your emails is as easy as replying to the email to tell us what topics you'd like more or less of.

Who are we?


Can I get Aimply Briefs in a different language?

We support localization, but only under community pricing.

How do you determine what stories I get?

Our AI will read your description of yourself to bootstrap our recommendations, then it will improve based on what you like.

How can I change the news that Aimply Briefs is providing me?

Reply to your email from with the change you'd like to make.

I have a feature request!

Awesome! Email and we'll take a look.

How does Aimply Briefs quality assure its news?

We have college-educated employees edit and fact check every story we collect with AI.

Can incorrect information get distributed by Aimply Briefs?

Yes. Aimply is fact-checked and edited by humans, and humans can make mistakes. We cite multiple sources so can do your own research after receiving our brief. We always recommend doing your own research in addition to what we send.

What was the inspiration for Aimply Briefs?

U.S. presidents since 1946 have gotten a daily high-level summary and analysis of national security information delivered to their desk known as the President's Daily Brief. We want to democratize this process.



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